5.9.20 European Hoot Gothenburg, Sweden


European Hoot 2020


Rhapsody in Red, chapter in Sweden since 2015, we will welcome you to this offer to be with us and put Gothenburg and Western Sweden on the world map.


We want all the Red Hat Ladies to come to a place about midday to be welcomed of us in Rhapsody in Red- A Meet and Greet. In the evening there will be a dinner for all and hopefully some entertainments and music.


Saturday 5th September 2020 is a date that we wish to book you in and plan to be with us all for the European Hoot in Gothenburg.


We would ask to receive an email from you and communicate that you wish some more detailed information, hopefully during the autumn 2019, so that we can send this out closer to the day. Mail to: Carina.camelia@telia.com and tell us of your interest to come and see Gothenburg / West Sweden for the Red-Purple map of places of interest to visit during the European Hoot.


Happy Red Hatting

Queen Carina Camelia